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Defining Leadership In Business and Management

Defining Leadership In Business and Management


The word “leadership” is often beaten to death and as overhyped and overused as the phrase is, it is just as frequently used incorrectly or used solely to define sports figures.

When it comes to business, we often associate leaders with adjectives such as arrogant and overpaid when the two are quite the opposite of what a real leader is within any organization, regardless of size or industry.

Another misconception that people have about leadership is that only the senior members of an organization can be and are leaders because they are intimating and can determine someone’s fate within a company… a bureaucratic one, at least.

Then, what is leader? What traits does a leader have?

A leader leads by doing rather than by dictating. He or she not only has their best interests at heart, but also goes against human nature, thus believing in a greater good for not only them, but those under them as well as the company that cuts their paycheck.

A big hindrance to effective leadership in management (especially in poor economic conditions) is that management does not consistently train and drive their subordinates for fear of losing their own job.

Though, doing so hurts more than their career; it hurts the company and those individuals around them plus the clients of the company as they don’t receive the service that they should due to incompetency.

Determining Leaders

How does one determine whether someone is a leader in order to hire or work under them?

If hiring or looking for a job, realize that it is very hard to determine who is and who is not a leader as looks are deceiving.

Jack Welch one made the comment that he used to hire only attractive people only to realize that many were empty suits (paraphrasing).

Instead of by height, weight or facial features, you must look into how engaged and passionate someone is when it comes to their job and outside life.

In Closing

In the end, if you believe that one could only achieve being a leader via throwing a touchdown pass, you are far from reality and far from being a leader yourself.