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Who Spoiled You: The International Big-name Apparel Of Chinese-style Luxury – Clothing Brand

Who Spoiled You: The International Big-name Apparel Of Chinese-style Luxury – Clothing, Brand –
Has always been a luxury that is exclusive, a symbol of luxury. Fanatical pursuit of Chinese consumers for luxury brands has always been arrogant and even more spoiled and doing. However, again and again “quality gate”, a copies of “unqualified” report, consumer confidence will be gone against. All these people could not help asking: who is spoiled by these international big?

HC screen Special printing network Along, luxury is the honorable, the symbol of luxury. Fanatical pursuit of Chinese consumers for luxury brands has always been arrogant and even more spoiled and doing. However, again and again “quality gate”, a copies of “unqualified” report, consumer confidence will be gone against. All of this, not help people ask: Who spoiled the international big?

Repeated exposure “quality gate”
International brands Clothing In recent years, came again and again “failed” in the news?? In July 2004, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine import sampling 403 Textile Goods and clothing samples, formaldehyde content, pH, and other safety indicators fail rate 45.7%. February 2005, the Shanghai Exit Inspection and Quarantine collected in 31 batches of imported international brand apparel, of which 20 batches of product failure. By the end of 2006, Zhejiang Industry and Commerce Bureau of imported shoes quality sampling by the sample of 46 batches of imported shoes, much as 35 batches of substandard, including LouisVuitton, Valentino, D & G the world’s top brands such as more than 10 … …

Easy to see that the problems always lead to big failure formaldehyde content, pH, excessive, insufficient color fastness, and a mark does not meet national mandatory standards and other “third child-like.” Where exactly is the problem? “The lack of efficient means of detection, is unqualified imported clothing have nothing to fear an important cause.” National Cotton Textile Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, a responsible person told reporters that countries in this regard are particularly well market access system and the regulatory system. Guard against some international brands abused and lead to pushing boundaries.

Relevant personnel of SAIC, said the production of international brands and distribution process, it is prone to weaknesses on behalf of the processing plant and the total production Proxy Management. Generation of plants widely distributed, and some very remote, difficult to control the entire production process, therefore, the sanitary conditions of the production process, equipment, health degree and so become uncontrollable factors.

“International big quality problems, the authority may have the image of the minds of consumers to change. But I think that this is not what the brand, but the whole industry chain, each link has to be further optimized.” According to Enterprise Group Chairman Hua Xia Wen told reporters that provide good products to consumers is a good brand must be the foundation. However, a complex chain of textile and apparel industry, from spinning to dyeing to garments, do not place any part of, will affect the overall situation.

Escape the “integrity Gate”
Incomprehensible happenings in this world, on the one hand, they continue to ignore the international big-name “Quality Gate”; the other hand, the integrity of international brands continue to be tortured. Recently, “Prada does not use Madeinchina logo, but with MadebyPrada” to replace the event, attracted Fangjian hot.

Prada PatrizioBertelli Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said: “I do not think this is a problem. Prada clothing brands are produced in more than 10 countries, we are not taboo that producer, not worried this will affect consumers Prada brand awareness on the key is how to run a good brand, the global foundry, which is an inevitable trend. ”

PatrizioBertelli point of view may be understood as, the advantages of luxury brands can not be copied in its style and brand culture, where such advantage, and product manufacturers and not directly related. However, already provided in foreign countries, must ensure that most of the products (to determine their quality in part) produced in the country, and its part in making the country the cost of production (labor, materials, etc.) at least 50% of the total cost, consistent with these two can be marked with the manufacturer’s label.

This, the development of senior experts in brand strategy, China (Dalian) International Centre for Liu literature to introduce the brand that even high-end luxury brand in order to protect the value of their own history and culture of origin should be retained to meet certain conditions to paste “MadeinItaly “tag is not a industry standard, there is no hard and fast rules of international unity, but should be a pursuit. Each country has different requirements of each country, but at least the core process to ensure the product is produced in Italy, the main raw material but also from Europe, can marked “MadeinItaly”.

In fact, the standard of this is the order of economy and industry, representing the industry ecosystem in the public interest. In a commercial country is defined universal criteria, but now it has become the unspoken rules of a game, even the gray areas.

Owens Law Office Mr Li believes that because the industry is not standardized, the product texture, cleansing the identity is not clear if the rise to the level of offense obviously far-fetched, can only be regarded as violation of or against the Sell Practice. Even the international brands, as long as is necessary to enter the Chinese market to comply with Chinese laws and regulations, consumer disputes, the same can be “product quality”, “Contract Law” and other legal means.

Sina related survey, 71.9% of consumers said that Prada and other luxury brands do not trust, 71.5% of consumers said they will not buy Prada and other luxury brands. Consumers in the online message says Armani has been a distinguished past, a symbol of luxury, while the behavior of the discredited, hurt the feelings of the Chinese consumer brands.

“In the minds of consumers, the brand is a combination of a series of related things, one of which is the country of origin.” For this event, a French business school professor Amitawa that brand-name consumer has a basic criterion is that origin. “Whether it be right or wrong, the top Asian consumer goods from Europe, did believe, and believe that only the top European-made products is the best.”