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Reasons Why Bodybuilders Need to Avoid Overeating

Reasons Why Bodybuilders Need to Avoid Overeating

After a considerable level of success in the gym, body builders become prone to many dangers of conduct, character and lifestyle. Some get in social problems because of violent tendencies while others become arrogant and proud. But the most common habit disorder is overeating.

Perhaps it accrues from years of emphasizing on the need for a strict diet and the conscious control of eating such that the mind of a bodybuilder gets addicted to food. Perhaps it is the overemphasis on bodybuilding diets that makes bodybuilders preoccupied with eating. Whatever the cause, overeating is becoming a serious threat to bodybuilding stardom, and making many potential body builders shun the sport. It is amazing to see some body builders eat. They deplete volumes and volumes of food within minutes and a few minutes later, they are on it again. Some eat perpetually, without breaks in between the meals.

To everyone objective enough, such a habit is negative, socially and to the health. Body builders, especially hard-core body builders justify their overeating by saying that their intense workouts need as much energy as they can harness. They therefore disregard any conscious control of the amount of calories they ingest, counting food in amounts not in the amount of calories. Within no time, such body builders start eating fats without a worry, using the same justification.

In fact, body builders need a proportional amount of fat in the body, against the popular no fat diet rationale being used by the body building society today. But all the fats eaten must be accounted for in terms of calories such that the same will be burnt up during exercises. Eating and burning up the fats is healthy and beneficial, the problem starts when some of these fats and carbs increase to moiré than a body builder can burn in workouts. The excess calories are deposited in the body as fats and teh76y accumulate through the days as overeating continues until danger strikes. This also applies in the carbs intake and the proteins.

Whatever the body cannot use is deposited in the body as fat. Overeating tendencies usually through the body’s hormonal balances in a disarray, until total chaos result. From insulin to teresterone, hormones get mixed up by persistent overfeeding until the body starts functioning in messy ways. The philosophy of eat-big to get-big has caused many a body builders lifelong tears when their bodies crushed under the weight of overfeeding. Whatever you do, ensure that you eat as much as you can burn during workouts. Account for you diet in calories and don’t get carried away by the appeal for food at any time. While no-body builders struggle to keep a same diet, so too must the body builder. The only difference is that while the no-body builder avoids all fats and carbs, the body builder can eat some fats and high carbs as long as he or she burns up the calories in the gym.

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