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How to Be Simple and Attract Women

How to Be Simple and Attract Women

If you want to seduce women, you must learn how to attract women. Here is a list of tips on how to get their attention without flaunting your bank balance.

Seduction tips on how to attract women

Be confident – Self-confidence attracts women
No matter what your physical attributes, being confident delivers the message that you are a person who is sure of himself, and thus, can handle the perplexing nature of women, and will be able to pick up women. She seeks excitement, and men who are shy and unsure of them selves will not be pleasing to women. Shy and quiet guys are likewise perceived as boring, and thus women will never be interested in him. While being nice is a good thing, you have to show you are confident, and can make her life exciting.

neat and clean
While the physical nature of men is only the second attribute that women will look at, it is a definite necessity that you are clean, neat, and smell good. Secondly, being clean and neat in your language and actions will also be important to attract women, whether you are already in contact, or you are yet to approach her and make the first move.

Good sense of humor is important in seduction
If you can make a woman laugh, she will want to talk to you for hours. The conversation will not be boring and uninteresting. You may likewise need to inject some ounce of wit, and talk about varied interests. A woman will not like to talk for long hours about a single topic, diversity is important. This challenges her intelligence, and when you are able to talk about her interests, she will keep on talking and laughing with you. While you need to have a good sense of humor, ensure that you will not look like a goof or a dork. If you do, you have lost her interest.

Be energetic and active if you want to be a pick-up artist
Even if you are not on a date with a potential partner, being with your friends at a bar needs some show of energy and activeness. If you can show the women around that you are a conversationalist and not shy, you will be able to enjoy some attention. Finally, because women are chatters, you have to be a good listener to catch attention. As mentioned above, women love variety, and thus if she is ready to talk from dusk until dawn, you have to be prepared with loads of topics, and you will surely be able to attract women and seduce most women around.

While women want their men to be sociable, approachable, and likable, you have to avoid looking at other women while you are with her. Women are naturally jealous and thus you have to know when to give your undivided attention and when to play around. Avoid being predictable, but avoid being a player as well. As you must have known by now, women are difficult to handle. Prepare for it and you will have a good future with the women you want.

If you want to learn how to attract women or learn the art of seduction or pick up girls for dating.

Why Arrogant Humor Can Attract Women?

Why Arrogant Humor Can Attract Women?
This is a topic about how to attract women!
Why arrogant humor can attract women? How to use it? This is the issue that from thousands of emails I received,the readers most concern about, and a considerable number of people do not agree with my point of view, they said this method of approximation rogue resentment will only make women more antipathy, how can make a woman like me? I can understand the viewpoint of ??these people, because I also have had the same question when I start study this subject, but it turned out I was wrong! We must remember: attraction itself is not logical, it does not follow the logical thinking, attraction is a very powerful affection, there is no reason, no motive, it come out suddenly! I believe we have seen many such examples in real life: some men are not care about their woman, and even relatively rough to her, yet this woman still very love the man, why? This is the role of attraction!

Now lets talk about the arrogance of humor, why it can have attraction? and how to use it to attract women. First, you must remember this formula: arrogant + humor = success! Arrogant and humor are always occur together, neither is dispensable. If you have been too arrogant, you will only make women antipathy, hate, gives her the impression of arrogance, ignorance; and if you only humor, jokes to others constantly, so that other laugh, then you at best is a clown in womens eyes, they will not appeal to you. But if you use both together, you will create magic! Arrogant + humor will make you get unexpected results! Then we take a look at what is the real arrogant type humor. Here is an example of arrogant: The clothes she dressed up let she seemed very fat! Here is an example of arrogance + humor: If she can not find a suitable clothes, police may detention her with the charge of affect the appearance of the city. understand? Arrogance with humor!

Why can this way to attract women? Simply put, this is because it can direct express your right point of view, so that you do the right thing! Women like the powerful men, and the humorous men, a man who looks like a coward will not attract women, this man will only make women think he like an obedient puppy. We look at an example. One day, you go to a mall, and at the checkout counter, you took a fancy to the pretty cashier, so you ask her: generally how much you will get from the money I paid? (When you give the money to her), she smiled and replied: Id like to, but unfortunately, there is no one penny. You then said: Really? I thought you may earn at least 10% to 20% commissions, I still think you must be very rich, and can keeping me, it seems washed-up, and Im looking for a wealthy woman. This is a very good example, asked she whether she is a rich woman or not, when she answered no, told her, she lost the opportunity to interact with you, at this arrogant sense of humor example, the key is not to betray your intentions. if she was surprised to look at you and say: I can not believe you would say so! You do not need to ignore her, many men will smile at this time and said: Im just kidding! Do not do this, it will make you go down the drain! In the above example, you ignore her, she might say: I am not rich, but Im good! You looked at her and said: Good is not enough, what I want is rich and good.

Your purpose is not to make she embarrassment, but the constant to tease her, such a process is that you give her enchanted process, eventually you will leave a very deep impression to her, this is the process of how to generate attractive. And now,do you know how to attract women with arrogant humor? Hope this can revelation to everybody.

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