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Flat Panel: Plasma LCD arrogant to fight back against war – flat panel, plasma, LCD – household appliances

Flat Panel: Plasma LCD arrogant to fight back against war – flat panel, plasma, LCD – household appliances

A few days ago, several Plasma Companies engaged in a meeting with the aim of increasing potential for the micro-plasma rectification of names. The current flat-panel TV market in China into a vicious circle, many manufacturers and the media are touting the benefits of LCD, which dominates the international plasma as a complement to, and some even threatened to plasma will disappear in the near future in the Chinese market. I do not agree with this view, if the buy

Big screen TV, I think it should be given priority plasma.

  Plasma and LCD right and wrong, there are already many articles feature introduced,

HC Network Also have made such a feature, not elaborate on here. Hard to say who better, who can say what is more suitable. As

Samsung An official said: watching TV,

Film Good use of plasma, so

Computer Monitor With LCD better, I agree. The average family to buy flat-panel TV, basically for watching TV, DVD, rarely used as computer monitors, after all, not a small number of frequently million, so obvious

Plasma TV More suitable for home use. In fact, in earlier times into the European high-definition, plasma sales have been far ahead, according to 2005 statistics to account for a large plasma screen (40 inch and above) television market, nearly eight percent, in the United States, 45% of high share of another dominant big screen

TV Is the projection. , Of course, undeniable that the same

Foot Inch LCD TV In the resolution (standard statement should be “power” rather than “rate”, referring to the television pictures showed the degree of detail) is better than plasma, good or bad, but resolution is not the sole judge television standards, assessment a TV, but also from its color, video and other aspects to consider, but in the short term high-definition signal can not spread the stage, talk about the practice of high resolution is overshadowed by the trivial.

My opinion, too high resolution or even a waste. Currently, as long as the national standard of 720 TV lines up on the HDTV standard has been achieved, that is 1366 * 768 resolution to display high definition signals enough without having to blindly pursue 1920 * 1080 (FULLHD) the climax standard, of course, If you are fans, is another matter. The current mainstream of international companies, also regarded as the main type of resolution 1366 * 768, can be said to be a wise choice, as a small number of domestic manufacturers, constantly stir-fried “1920 * 1080 Full HD”, I believe that in the current stage is meaningless. To really enjoy the FULLHD the quality, not just a display terminal can solve the problem, but also related

Make , Launch , Transmission and other ancillary facilities, which do not ring a missing row.

A home Television Most importantly, the image should be maintained in a dynamic high level, and this is undoubtedly the leader in LCD, plasma, and even the liquid crystal response time has increased to 4 ms, it still can not with plasma levels comparable to microseconds. In addition, the liquid crystal display again in the gray scale using simulation approach, a serious impact on the black level

Table Now, can not be said that the digital age a regret.

Often heard that people buy LCD TV, in shopping malls to see a very clear, at home, connect the cable signal, the effect even worse than the old CRT TV. This is a normal phenomenon, because liquid crystal display principle of the display signal corresponding to the physical resolution of the case can not point to point, the effect is difficult to make people happy that a friend used the LCD will experience. However, if it is able to correspond to the case, the liquid crystal display can achieve any current display technologies can not achieve the high-definition. So LCD is not bad, but the right to use, at the right place. For example, in portable devices, liquid crystal come in handy. However, domestic large-screen TV, LCD is difficult because of the limited capacity of competence.

One of the words, welcome to my friends criticized correction.

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3 Approaches to Managing an Overbearing, Conceited, and Arrogant Co-Worker

3 Approaches to Managing an Overbearing, Conceited, and Arrogant Co-Worker 

You can’t escape the overbearing, conceited, and arrogant co-worker. We have at least one in every department. You can spot them from a mile away. They have every right answer, and they have a ridiculous desire to be the center of attention. In some cases, they have a certain skill or knowledge base that provides a level of uniqueness. Of course, they will talk non-stop about that ability because that makes them feel important.

Over the years, I have learned several approaches to working with overbearing fellow employees – and here they are:

Approach #1: Have a concrete agenda for meetings involving these individuals.

People who are pompous and dominating prefer meetings that have open agendas. They want to have the floor, and a non-existent set of discussion points allows them to control the meeting. Therefore, you must have an agenda and assigned experts who are in charge of the particular topics. Of course, make sure you have hard start and end times to meetings. It’s critical that everyone understands the ground rules for meetings.

Approach #2: Focus on the content provided by overbearing co-workers, and not their personality.

It is easy to lose focus on what is important when someone is showing-off. However, as professionals, we must look for the important information contained in the midst of the fluff. In other words, concentrate on what the individual is saying, and not on how they are communicating it.


“I’ve been working here for 10 years, and I have been able to maintain excellent standards because of the training I’ve taken. I produce excellent results because my skills are perfect for this position. The last guy who had this job was incompetent. It took someone like me to meet the quality standards required by the industry. I have no idea where this company would be without me in this position!”


This employee has a clear idea regarding industry expectations, and likely works in a department where others are contributing equally to meet the quality standards.

Instead of ignoring the conceited employee, think about what can be learned. He is likely following a process that can be replicated in a different department. Keeping an open-mind will improve the lessons learned process.

Approach #3: Avoid complaining about the overbearing employee.

If this person has any longevity in the company, it’s highly probable the leadership team has him on the radar. For that reason, it’s best to avoid lodging a complaint. If you do, you are no different that the other countless victims who have gone before you.

The best approach is to show how you are working with Mr. Arrogant. In fact, your ability to lead people, especially those who are difficult to manage, make you an effective leader. In essence, the overbearing co-worker has provided you with the opportunity to differentiate yourself from others.

The lesson here is that working with overbearing, conceited, and arrogant people is part of doing business. For you to climb the corporate ladder, it’s imperative to develop the leadership skills to ensure everyone is moving to the same target, regardless of their personality types.

Un freestyle para los jugadores de croatas que se quisieron pasar de lanza en la rueda de presa.

Job Interview Advice – How To Be Confident During An Interview Without Being Arrogant

Job Interview Advice – How To Be Confident During An Interview Without Being Arrogant
It is only natural that once that job search of yours turns into that ever elusive interview, that you want to let the person interviewing you to know how talented you really are, but however; you don’t want to come off as being someone who is arrogant. You can be confident and sure of yourself without stepping over that line into arrogance.

You definitely don’t want to come off having the attitude that you are entitled to the job. So here are a few pointers that might help guide you to showing confidence without coming off as arrogant.

Make sure that when you go to the interview that you have plenty of knowledge about the business and the position that you are applying for. Make sure that you go to their company website and study all that you can about their business. Also arrive early and see if they have any material about the company that you can have to read.

Explain to the secretary you have an interview coming up and you’d love to be able to learn more about the company. This always leaves a good impression on people when you show genuine interest in the company.

When you get to the job interview site make sure that you are friendly with everyone you meet while waiting for your turn to be interviewed. Make sure that you are genuine about your friendliness so that it’s believable and don’t act like you are better than anyone else.

This means be just as friendly to the janitor as you would be to the secretary. Believe it or not, the interviewer after the interview might ask a variety of different people about how you appeared to them.

During your interview make sure that when you are being asked about your past accomplishments that you not only share with them the good you did but also take blame for any of your failings or weaknesses you may have had at your previous place of employment. Never put the blame on others and hog all of the credit.

This does not give off an appearance of confidence but more of a sign of a person who is immature. If you are a truly confident person then this means you don’t have any problem with sharing the credit with other people. Remember people who are arrogant find it easy to blame others.

Don’t let pride get the better of you. If the job is not really what you thought it was going to be and you feel that you are far better, remember to swallow the pride. It is better to get your foot in the door and start at the bottom and get the chance to prove yourself, than refuse to do so and lose the opportunity to get the job.

Little word of advice, when you are in the interview, make sure that when a question is being asked, try and pause for a brief moment, count to yourself to three, and then answer the question. This will do two things for you. It will make you slow down when you are talking and it will also make you easier to understand.

The reason for this is because it gives you the chance to actually think about what you are going to say and it gives you the look of intelligence and cuts down on those nervous “uhs” and “ums” people tend to develop when they are nervous.

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The Egotistical Saul of Tarsus, Now Called Paul ? The Arrogant Apostle

The Egotistical Saul of Tarsus, Now Called Paul ? The Arrogant Apostle

Arrogance comes in many forms. Christians are not immune to the pride of life or to the egotistical nature of the beast. Indeed, it is the very character of self-centered witnessing that so often prevents our success at winning the lost to Jesus Christ. We sometimes repel the ungodly, not because we are Christians, but because we are arrogant Christians.


If not careful, we talk down to the unsaved. Out attitude is haughty and reeks of dead worship. Rather than sharing the God of love, we explode with an air of fleshly superiority. One would think that we redeemed ourselves.


Pondering The Arrogances of Paul


The other day, while reading in Colossians, I ponder the following verses:


“1 For I would that ye knew what great conflict I have for you, and for them at Laodicea, and for as many as have not seen my face in the flesh;
2 That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgement of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ;” (Colossians 2:1-2).


Notice the words that Paul uses here: “as have not seen my face in the flesh”. This statement seems almost arrogant, and it is not singular in occurrence. Throughout scripture, Paul uses similar words. For example, consider how often Paul admonished men and women to live and behave as was exampled by his personal lifestyle:


“9 Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you,” (Philippians 4:9).


In the letter to the Colossians, Paul is seeking to encourage the faithful that they might fully understand that they are whole and complete in Jesus Christ. Yet in one place he makes a statement that seems to say that the work of Christ is not finished, and that it is lacking in the power to complete all that should have been. The verse reads as follows:


“24 Who now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up that which is behind of the afflictions of Christ in my flesh for his body’s sake, which is the church:” (Colossians 1:24).


It is a strange thing that a man of God should speak words that so nearly touch the perimeters of arrogance.


When I look back at the words with which this article begins, I wonder that a man should teach that Christians can be in lack because they have not seen the face of a fellow Christian. So I ask the Lord, Was Paul egotistical? Did he really believe that his personal presence could better equip a Christian for spiritual warfare? If so, was it a prideful statement, or was it a simple Christian truth?


A Necessity For Fellowship


From childhood to death, we have heroes, people that touch our mind and soul. To see the war scars of another, and to then reflect upon our own war scars encourages our faith. When a pastor shares the pains of his own past, we too find strength in knowing that others have walked where we have walked, and that we have known the same struggles, as have they.


A healthy biological family draws physical and emotional power from one another. So too do healthy Christians draw spiritual might through communion and fellowship with their church family. This is a basic truth, and the apostle Paul understood it completely. This is why he so often urged men and women to assemble themselves together in the name of Christ.


No scripture is written for a wasted purpose. Think on these words that Paul wrote. Set yourself to be near your brethren in Christ. Know that there is strength in numbers. A single snowflake has no power, yet when they assemble by the millions even the greatest machines than man can make must come to a standstill.


Paul was neither self-centered nor arrogant. He knew from where he had come, and to where he would one day arrive. And he knew the pain and struggle of the journey. He also knew the value of sharing in the victories of another.


Paul, the chosen apostle to the gentiles, had a mind that was always settled upon strengthening and encouraging the followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. If we will remember these things and take them to heart, our witness, even when sounding perhaps a bit arrogant, will be founded in love, compassion, and mercy.


Does this mean that the lost world will accept us and embrace us? Certainly not. Jesus has already ascertained that most of the world will reject the words that we teach. Yea, they shall even loathe and despise us to point of death.


Our job is to deliver a good message, and to make certain that any rejection is due to the words rather than the hostility of an arrogant witness.

Hi, Rmharrington here

Thank you for reading my articles and stories. My goal is to glorify God, lift up the name of Jesus, and to provide quality-reading material.


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Using Arrogant Quotes Is The Best Way To Inform Somebody About Their Nature.

Using Arrogant Quotes Is The Best Way To Inform Somebody About Their Nature.

An arrogant personality can force you in several manners, and based on your present situation you may or may possibly not be capable to organize such individuals. For example, an arrogant lecturer, instructor, manager or reputed individual can make life misery for every person and carry on to act with shameless dominance with every person for years. Send them arrogant quotes from text message.

Frequently you cannot be clever enough to do something since such persons direct your core requirements like check exams paper, promotions, income hikes, trade figures, product etc. But in several situations you can strike back with your full power at egotistical people. On the other hand arrogant people in entire steps of life are soreness and will be a significant subject of discussion every one.

At the back rumour like, “He or she has turn into arrogant personality now, but wasn’t liked that previous to” is fairly general in largely workplaces, between associates, family, etc. Though it does not denote arrogant individuals will be rude with everybody, however they will absolutely not fail to spot a chance to show it on an important person they can afford to be boorish with. Frequently someone being labelled arrogant may not really understand they have definitely become arrogant. So send them these arrogant quotes.

However arrogance does live in diverse extent in everybody, together with you and me. Now assume you find out that persons who are important for you are calling you egotistical at the back? Or poorer, somebody inform you directly on your face that you are definitely conceited. It can crudely jerk you from the striking kind image you grasp of yourself. Being labelled as egotistical or arrogant is somewhat that no one would like to listen. You could become angry, irritated and hotly conflict with their view. Using arrogant quotes is the best way to inform somebody about their nature.

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Dealing With Arrogant Peers in Your Organization

Dealing With Arrogant Peers in Your Organization

These pushy and presumptuous colleagues possess a prideful, unearned arrogance. If it didn’t affect your work, you could ignore them or avoid them.

Their behavior does interfere, however, because in some way they are trying to get a measure of control over you and the friction causes sparks to fly. They dominate group discussions drowning out better potential solutions. They badger you about improving the way you run your own unit. They create a constant “us against them” tension. When they try to take over the situation, their poor manners embarrass you in front of friends, strangers and customers.


Crushers squash opposition, forcing their views on you.

They are so convinced that their way is the better way that they are bound and determined to push it through whatever the cost. You’re supposed to be playing on the same team, but if you get in their way, you pay the price. They’ll try to destroy you. They’ll trespass upon your turf with a driving, forceful crush.

Sometimes a poor system enables Crushers to get away with their attempts at encroachment. Perhaps assignments weren’t made clear and each worker believes his prerogatives have been usurped. Or, occasionally you’re caught in a bind when, in formulating a project, your boss divides the decision-making authority equally between two assistants. Unless you and your partner are truly compatible, expect that you two assistants will each want to knock out the other.

It is natural for you to be thinking right now that ever since Joe was appointed chairman of the athletic tournament our company is sponsoring; he’s become so difficult. You wanted to get together with him to kick around some ideas, but he has already decided that he’s going to do his job and mine too. You can’t allow this because he’ll botch up your responsibility and you’ll get the blame. On the other hand, it would make you appear weak if you have to ask the boss to run interference.

Meanwhile Joe is thinking that he is the tournament director and therefore he should make the final decision on every aspect of the event. He thinks he can’t have that communications director handling the publicity. You don’t understand what Joe wants to achieve. You won’t make this a top priority. Joe thinks he has to get you out of his way.

Your goal is to carry out your responsibilities, putting out the brush fire before everyone is inflamed.

• Tactfully, but assertively, put your foot down when anyone attempts to walk all over you. You can’t survive being trampled. Without divulging any emotion, stand up for yourself while showing the Crusher how you can help him get what he really wants.

• When the fault is at least partially with the system, point this out to your boss. Suggest how restructuring may help. When you and a few associates each have your own turf but have to work on a joint activity where the responsibility and authority seem to overlap, suggest a higher-level administrator direct the project.

When the Crusher tries to force through a procedure that jeopardizes your position, you can’t afford to let your authority be sheared, but you’d probably lose if you locked horns. Stay calm as you observe his rule-or-ruin mentality. Then, coolly and cooperatively, suggest the professional approach. This is no time to be sheepish.


They alone are right; they unreasonably expect your agreement.

Thrusters, like their Crusher companion, also act out of belief. The difference is that if you get in the way of the Crushers, they’ll ruin you. With Thrusters, if you disagree with them, they’ll wear you down.

Thrusters are enormously opinionated, with absolute conviction that they know the only way to proceed, and these highly charged dynamos won’t stop their propagandizing until they’ve converted you. They have the faith and they’re spreading the gospel. After a while, you don’t have the energy to talk any further. Not only can’t you change their minds, you can’t even get them to open their minds a little crack to consider another view. Exhausting as it may be to deal with Thrusters, they serve an important purpose. They force you to rethink the issue. Then you either alter your original opinion or feel reinforced that you were “right” all along.

You’re thinking, “What is with Susan? She’s promoting that policy like she’s on some kind of holy mission. If she’d listen, I could tell her we tried something almost like that a few years back. But we can’t get her to respond to any of the valid points we’re making. I’m afraid the group is going to go along with her just to shut her up.”

The Thruster is thinking, “They may have been here longer than me, but this process worked so well in my last job I know it can turn things around here. I checked out what they did before. This is different. I can’t give up on this. A success here is what I need to make a place for myself with this company. This is good for me and for the organization. I must convince all of them that I have the best answer.”

Your goal is to act objectively and not be swayed by your personal and emotional reactions to the Thrusters.

• Re-evaluate your position. The Thruster sees the situation differently from the way you perceive it and is tenaciously hanging on to his perceptions. How valid is that viewpoint? Is the Thruster trying to impose impossible standards on the rest of you? Go back over your stand noting both pros and cons. Prepare yourself to be clear and specific in presenting your views.

• Examine how the Thruster would be affected by this action. Does the Thruster alone stand to benefit? Are there any potentially harmful consequences that may interfere with his personal career ambitions that you want to mention to him?

• Be as firm in expressing your conviction as the Thruster is in expressing his. In the absence of absolute proof that a plan or procedure is going to work, we can only rely on the evidence we’re able to amass, our reasoning, our intuition and faith.

If you don’t want to sell your soul, you have to fight fire with fire and faith with faith. Fortify your stand, and then be as strong in your conviction as the Thruster is in his.

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He Arrogant Writer: Five Ways to Nurture and Defend Your Muse

He Arrogant Writer: Five Ways to Nurture and Defend Your Muse

Arrogance has a bad rap. We think of arrogant people as unpleasant to be around, full of themselves, and incapable of taking an interest in anyone else. However, when applied to one’s own writing, a certain measure of well-placed arrogance can be a useful tool.

Writing can be a scary enterprise. The writer puts herself out for public scrutiny in a way most other artists and professionals do not. When the writer publishes, she commits herself to the words she’s written for the rest of her life. Even if she changes her mind about what she’s said, others may still react to the piece decades after it first appears in print. This can make even the act of putting pen to paper (or more likely, fingers to keyboard) an anxiety-producing ordeal.

Then there is the schooling most of us received, which treated writing as a chore rewarded when well done or punished when poorly done, as opposed to a pleasurable activity for ourselves and our readers. Very few of us had any audience for any the writing we did in classrooms, other than the teachers who instructed, criticized and graded us. It’s no wonder most writers suffer from self-doubt rather than overconfidence. We tend to underestimate ourselves and our words, even when they come from the most powerful places inside us, even when we get accolades from the outside world, and even long after we finally get published.

Practicing selective arrogance can help disarm these nasty doubts. And, not to worry: If you are not arrogant to begin with, practicing the type of arrogance I suggest will not transform you into an insufferable braggart. Rather, it will help uplift you from the gutters of self-doubt onto the clean, dry road to getting published. Even if you do not feel in the least arrogant about your writing, you can still follow my simple instructions to act as if you do, with the same results: to get published, or to get published again.

Selective arrogance does not mean thinking of yourself as any better than anyone else, or as having reached the pinnacle of your skills. Rather, it means treating every word you write as a precious baby worthy of the greatest care and nurturance. Here’s how to do that:

Never, ever throw anything away, period.

Carry with you at all times a means to record your creative thoughts.

Record your creative bursts, even if other voices inside you are dismissing them with negative judgments.

Trust your impulses and passions: if you feel drawn to write about something, write about it!

Eschew impatience-give your babies the time they need to gestate.

If you’ve read between the lines, you see that these instructions have you do nothing more than treat yourself and your writing with respect. However, because many people have a hard time doing even that, I counsel my clients to behave arrogantly. It gets them giggling and releasing the feelings they have about their writing, and makes it easier to find that respect.

Although you may have read elsewhere to be prepared to throw away your first writing attempts, to release attachment to your early work and the like, nuggets of wisdom and creativity appear throughout a writer’s life from childhood through seniority. I advocate collecting and these and treating them with care, perhaps polishing them now and again. There is no magical moment when one suddenly becomes “a good writer.” Thus, your most novice scribblings become diamond mines.

The one time I disobeyed my own advice and discarded what was I believed was possibly the most poorly written sentence in history (or at least my own history), I rejoiced. Five minutes later, I needed the gem in a new sentence, and struggled to reconstruct the one I’d discarded. May you never make that mistake-do as I say, not as I’ve done.

These gems also shine through at unexpected times. This is why I advise my clients to carry at least some scrap paper and a pencil nub if not an electronic recording device. The times at night and in the mornings between wake and sleep often yield good raw material, so keep your recording device of choice bedside.

The idea behind saving every little scrap, writing everything down and cultivating the arrogance to believe these activities matter is that finished pieces often assert themselves over time, forming a coherent whole from little scraps, like a Rorschach, or getting that crucial letter right in the Wheel of Fortune. The key is to keep feeding the collage and trusting that something or things will emerge over time.

Not every sentence will necessarily lead to an essay, book or screenplay of its own. But some might add that missing piece to make a good piece great. Even tidbits that go nowhere for now still give your brain a chance to exercise itself and keep your creative pathways well-hacked.

When it comes to choosing which pathway you’ll write your way down, trust your wild and wooly impulses. If you’re drawn to something, chances are you will make the subject come alive. You’ll seduce your readers by the very fact of your relationship to the material.

Finally, give your pieces the time they need to develop. Being an arrogant writer means honoring the gestation period your writings must pass through to be born into the world healthy and ready to engage readers. Honoring this gestation period may mean asking for help. Just as the dedicated gardener finds the right soil, fertilizer, seeds, watering schedule and equipment, so the arrogant writer finds her coach, buddy, copyeditor, ghostwriter, or colleague’s expert eye. I have seen writers move from stagnation to publication with the right combination of assistance. I love being part of that process.

The Petrel Practiced Flying and the Arrogant Deer

The Petrel Practiced Flying and the Arrogant Deer

The petrel practiced flying

A little petrel had just learned how to fly. She flew over the sea following behind her mother. Suddenly, the sky was dark with clouds rolling, and a hurricane came. Suddenly, layers of waves appeared on the sea. The little petrel could not open her eyes because of waves and strong wind. But she was not frightened at all. Instead, she fought tenaciously against the strong wind and large waves. After flying for a while, the little petrel turned back and flew to the shore.

“My child, why don’t you continue to fly?” her mom asked in a puzzle. “Mom, don’t you see that the rain has stooped? Now, I have proven that I can fly freely on the changing sea, so why should I continue to fly?” “Yes, you have the ability to overcome a rough sea. But my dear child, I am still worried about you.” said the mother petrel. “Mom, is there anything more terrible than the waves?” the little petrel said with eyes opening wide. “Yes,” the mother nodded her head and replied affirmatively. “What’s that thing?” the little petrel seemed a bit nervous. “It is the lack of perseverance, my child.” Then the mother said, “Although you have the ability to overcome the sea, but without perseverance, you can only fly constantly under the eaves the same as the sparrow, waiting for being trampled upon at will.” Hearing this, the little petrel’s head oozed cold sweat and quickly rushed back to the sea.

The arrogant deer

A deer came to the small river to drink water. When he lowered his head, he saw the reflection of himself in the water. The deer was very satisfied with his two big, thick and beautiful horns. However, seeing his four legs, he said: “My legs are not so beautiful. They are thin and weak.”

Suddenly, a lion rushed out from somewhere and threw himself on the deer. The deer at once ran to a large open space, and the lion was thrown far behind. But when he just turned into the woods, his head was hung by branches. The lion soon catch up with him and caught him. Before dying, the deer said: “I am a typical fool! What I think ugly and weak saved me, but what makes me proud ruin my life.

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Nach dem respeklosen Verhalten von Rummenigge, hier mein Beitrag dazu: ARROGANTES BAYERNPACK ARROGANT, ANMAßEND UND HOCHNÄSSIG HOCH 3 ANDERST KENNT MAN

Dealing With an Arrogant Husband? How to Cut Him Down to Size

Dealing With an Arrogant Husband? How to Cut Him Down to Size

You never quite know what the road ahead will present to you as you walk down the aisle towards wedded bliss. Marriage is often a whole lot different than dating life and there may be aspects of your husband’s personality that you didn’t even know existed before you became his wife. One of those qualities is often arrogance. Some men are masters at hiding this part of themselves while they are busy sweeping a woman off her feet. However, once a couple has settled into married life, all those little secrets often come out into full view. If you are presently living with a husband whose ego is larger than both of you, that’s an issue that obviously you can ignore. Dealing with an arrogant husband takes patience, measured distance and a deep understanding of what makes him tick.

Arrogant people are almost always lacking self esteem. This seems ridiculous at first glance. How can someone who comes across as so in love with themselves, actually feel any sort of self worth issues? It’s all about making up for their insecurities by treating others in a very specific and negative way. When you are dealing with an arrogant husband you have to truly understand that his issues have much more to do with him than they have to do with you.

If you want to cut him down to size you need to emotionally remove yourself from his selfish behavior. If he allows his arrogance to shine through when you two are out in public, walk away from him. Don’t become a partner to his mistreatment of others. If he prefers using you as a target to pump up his own self esteem, distance yourself from him. That may mean spending less time focused on him and more time doing the things you enjoy. If there’s no one to play into this type of negative behavior, your husband won’t feel he’s accomplishing anything by continuing to do it.

You also have to call him out on the behavior that you don’t feel is appropriate. This must be done in a very measured way though. Simply telling an arrogant person that you think they are arrogant, won’t accomplish much. They’ll take your interest as something beneficial and they’ll feel more important because you’re showing such emotion. It’s much better to sternly say to your husband that you aren’t attracted to him when he acts that way and you feel ashamed to be in his presence. This is obviously tough love and is going to sting when he hears it. However, it has the potential of really reaching his emotional core and making him think for a moment about what he’s doing.

Some people suggest that the best way of dealing with an arrogant husband is to give him a taste of his own medicine. Clearly, you’re not like him and you don’t want to become like him. It’s best not to get into these childish games with your spouse. It’s much better to calmly express your disappointment and then create some distance. This is a great way to get your message across in a way that is mature and rational.

Don’t spend another day wishing your marriage was different. If you want your husband to treat you differently, make it happen. You can have the deeply connected, fulfilling relationship you’ve always wanted.

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