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So Many Killers All Around The World

So Many Killers All Around The World
We have seen so many killers all around the world. It’s the result of political unrest and chaos in economy and society. These kind of chaotic environments always help them to rise to the top and then to survive. They usually become so arrogant and ruthless when they are in power. Unless a revolution or an outside force confronts them, it’s so difficult to remove them from their power base through the available democratic means.

They believe they work for a greater change in the society but the ways and means to achieve those objectives are ruthless, unethical and sometimes ridiculous.

Romania’s Nicolae Ceausescu came to power in an era when the country was facing a fascist threat after the Second World War and made some stability. But Ceausescu was criticized while most of the Romanians were starving as the result of austerity program in cold and living in the dark, he and his family were enjoying the wealth and comfort. There was an estimate that around 15,000 Romanians died per year as the direct result of the Ceausescu’s infamous austerity program while he was maintaining an alleged Swiss bank account.

Indonesia’s Mohamed Suharto was clever enough in tackling the issues of sensitive national interests and boosting the country’s economy into greater heights. But his atrocities towards the neighboring East Timor were so horrific to anyone to imagine. Suharto ordered in 1975 his army to invade into East Timor, which resulted into massacring of unarmed civilians. There were many thousands of people killed. The entire villages were destroyed. The farmers were summoned to military camps and put into starvation until they died. Suharto banned the teaching of Timorese language in schools and brought Indonesians to colonise the East Timor.

Adolf Hitler brought some stability when Germany was in near collapse by the effects of the First World War and the subsequent Treaty of Versailles.

The Killers are over the time deviating from their original standing of building nations towards a path which is more self-serving and murderous. Some killers are very much ignorant and corrupt and their actions are ridiculous in achieving their dreams and thoughts.

Uganda’s Idi Amin ruined the once flourished country’s economy by expelling foreign professional and business people. He antagonized even the natives who were not from the community he belonged to. His terror and killings of his opponents were wordless to describe and left a dark chapter in Uganda’s history. He made the nation into a mess which took decades to overcome.

Burma’s Ne Win and his cronies turned the once prospered Burma into a very poor nation of Asia.

Adolf Hitler played a heinous game for coming into power and then to be survived by anti-Semitic slogans from the very beginning and then by massacring them in the concentration camps.

Serbia’s Slobodan Milosevic well exploited the differences and distrust among the Croats, Serbs, Muslims and Christians in Yugoslavia.

Japan’s Prince Yasuhiko Asaka made use of his imperialistic powers with militarism to massacre thousands of people in the region. But Prince Asaka’s total responsibility for the Nanjing massacre is still a matter of debate. Some historians contend that Asaka actually signed the order for Japanese soldiers in Nanjing to “kill all captives.” But others claim a member of the staff of the Central China Area Army sent this order under the prince’s sign manual.

The society also plays its own part in producing the killers, the way it produces the heroes and the champions of historical importance. The darker side of the society which is invisible to recognize, discriminates many individuals from their early childhood and make a lasting impact in producing and nurturing the killers out of them.

The killers never regretted in their life time or in their last days before they rested in their infamous tombs.

They believed what they did, was always right.

Rajkumar Kanagasingam is the author of the fascinating book – “German Memories in Asia”…A collection of memories by the author in his discussion with German university students who have been volunteering in Asia on the sensitive issues of Early Human Migration, Asian & European historical events especially the German since the Roman Empire era to the times of First & Second World Wars and about the Germans around the world and their Migrations, Life styles, Encounters and Assimilations since the ancient times, his experiences in an American NGO as an officer in the rebel-held war-torn jungles and then in a tsunami relief mission there with German students, and the German students’ life and fashion in Asia….