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The Petrel Practiced Flying and the Arrogant Deer

The Petrel Practiced Flying and the Arrogant Deer

The petrel practiced flying

A little petrel had just learned how to fly. She flew over the sea following behind her mother. Suddenly, the sky was dark with clouds rolling, and a hurricane came. Suddenly, layers of waves appeared on the sea. The little petrel could not open her eyes because of waves and strong wind. But she was not frightened at all. Instead, she fought tenaciously against the strong wind and large waves. After flying for a while, the little petrel turned back and flew to the shore.

“My child, why don’t you continue to fly?” her mom asked in a puzzle. “Mom, don’t you see that the rain has stooped? Now, I have proven that I can fly freely on the changing sea, so why should I continue to fly?” “Yes, you have the ability to overcome a rough sea. But my dear child, I am still worried about you.” said the mother petrel. “Mom, is there anything more terrible than the waves?” the little petrel said with eyes opening wide. “Yes,” the mother nodded her head and replied affirmatively. “What’s that thing?” the little petrel seemed a bit nervous. “It is the lack of perseverance, my child.” Then the mother said, “Although you have the ability to overcome the sea, but without perseverance, you can only fly constantly under the eaves the same as the sparrow, waiting for being trampled upon at will.” Hearing this, the little petrel’s head oozed cold sweat and quickly rushed back to the sea.

The arrogant deer

A deer came to the small river to drink water. When he lowered his head, he saw the reflection of himself in the water. The deer was very satisfied with his two big, thick and beautiful horns. However, seeing his four legs, he said: “My legs are not so beautiful. They are thin and weak.”

Suddenly, a lion rushed out from somewhere and threw himself on the deer. The deer at once ran to a large open space, and the lion was thrown far behind. But when he just turned into the woods, his head was hung by branches. The lion soon catch up with him and caught him. Before dying, the deer said: “I am a typical fool! What I think ugly and weak saved me, but what makes me proud ruin my life.

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Premios Goya: “La isla mínima” se alzó como mejor película

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Rodada en las marismas del Guadalquivir, “La isla mínima” es un “thriller” rural y atmosférico que narra la investigación de la desaparición de unas chicas adolescentes por parte de dos policías desplazados desde Madrid a principios de la década de los …
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Display And Preserve Your Wines With Wine Cabinets

Display And Preserve Your Wines With Wine Cabinets
Wines are known for their heavenly taste and improvement in quality as they are preserved and gets older by age. Some wine lovers never lose a chance to buy excellent and rare wines during their trips to places known especially for wines. Italy is one example and why it is so famous for this magnificent beverage, and is officially named as the largest producers of wines. But here in the United States it is the reason to be shared as a memory, on occasion of expressing or accepting love proposals. Some people even gift it to their closed ones depending on their passion and interest in this drink.

Although the basic fact remains is that if one owns huge varieties of wines in their home, how really he or she actually manage to preserve them? Of course wine cabinets are something that solves the purpose to keep and store the bottles in a better way. Usual cabinets might not be an excellent choice to place and preserve if you have a large collection. Usual here means, that if the cabinet you have does not carry a quality rich storage device, you probably have the wrong idea to maintain such exclusive bottles which you are proud to have.

To actually solve the real purpose you may find some very interesting deals on a large range, ideal sizes as per your necessity and truly affordable prices and yet attractive appearance of wine cabinets, offered my some legitimate companies. These are also the experts in selling them online for a long time. As a wine fanatic you might be knowledgeable deeply in the verities it comes. But the important aspect covering your beloved collection and its appropriate preservation can only be learned by sources which directs on installing the right cabinet.

Purchasing both red and white wines from various wineries is a frequent activity because you never know when and where you may come across an offer that attract you to experience a heavenly taste you ever waited for. But when it comes down to storage and keeping the wines so they will taste and age their best, wait until the bottles age to perfection for the ultimate in enjoyment. You must certainly look for better cabinets for it. If you require knowledge to differentiate between ordinary ones both price wise as well as quality wise, the online stores specializes in offering best deals could be beneficial.

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